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The Best Things You Can Do to Utilize Your Mobile Phone

An enormous 5.27 billion people in the world have a mobile phone. The mobile has become an essential piece of kit for most people to own.

Since mobile phones were made accessible and affordable to the public, mobile technology has excelled dramatically. Everything from the graphics to the functions and more gives individuals the ability to perform numerous tasks.

A few of many enhancements mobiles have experienced over the years include;

• Artificial intelligence
• Location tracking
• Augmented reality
• Wearable mobile phones
• Mobile Apps
• Increased security

But not all mobile phone owners are adept with the full potential of their devices.

And so, to assist, in professing the modern mobiles greatness. Here is a guide on how a person can improve their daily life from their mobile screen.

From making more money to becoming healthier, let’s tap into all the great stuff modern mobiles have to offer.

Make Money

Money, everyone needs it, and with a mobile, there are multiple ways to get it. Intrigued? Here are a few ways to begin collecting cash and bumping up the bank balance from a mobile screen:

Gamble on Mobile

By signing up to platforms like 888 Poker and downloading the app, you can play poker on your mobile device and potentially win some money!

Of course, reading and practicing the rules of the game beforehand is advised. Also, you can learn how to claim a casino bonus and boost your starting funds.

Clear Clutter

There’s always something in and around the house worth selling that we haven’t had a chance to use or no longer like. And there is a multitude of apps dedicated to helping people clear out their stuff – fast!

For instance, there’s craigslist, Decluttr, Tradesy, thredUp, and of course, Facebook marketplace.

Use the mobile camera to take some pictures of the things that no longer serve a purpose, upload them onto a few sites, and begin making money.

Sell Snaps: Budding mobile photographers will enjoy this money-making idea the most.

Apps like Foap allow users to upload high-quality photographs of anything and everything. Then, each time someone buys the photo from the website, photographers get paid $5!

Pay With Mobile

Did you know you can pay for goods and services with your mobile? And this doesn’t just count for bank transfers via mobile banking.

Enhanced security measures on mobile phones have given millions of consumers the confidence to use their phones to make everyday purchases.

From Apple Pay to PayPal and Venmo, once users set up an account, they can use services, such as contactless devices in-store with their mobile at the checkout. Without the need to pull out cash or a card.

New Ways to Travel

Besides bus and train apps and, of course, Uber and Lyft, which have dominated the taxi scene over the past few years.

There’s a new wave of traveling apps mobile users can download, called Lime bike and Bird.

Mobile users can locate a bike or scooter for hire on their devices and unlock them with their mobile cameras with these apps.

Once a traveler unlocks the bike or scooter, they’re on a timer and pay the relevant fee when they’re finished with it.

Mobile Security Options

Due to the rise of sophisticated hackers and thieves, mobile creators have implemented more security options for mobile users to act on their phones.

As most people’s phones contain private information such as emails, contacts, banking apps, and more. It’s essential to maximize the security of our mobile.

As such, it’s always worth investigating a mobile phone’s options to enhance security and prevent others from using the device.

Options on newer mobiles often include passcodes, pin codes, face, and fingerprint recognition.

Explore the opportunity to enhance the security on your mobile for protection and peace of mind!

Find Treasure (Yes, Really)

iPhone users can download an app called Metal Detector. This connects with the phone’s magnetometer, which increases the phone’s sensitivity to metal exposure.

Once downloaded, mobile users turn on the app, adjust the dial if needed to increase the intensity of the detector, and begin hunting for treasure.

While the app is yet to be developed to detect metal at a distance that isn’t magnetic, it’s only a matter of time before the app is enhanced. So that its users discover lashings of riches hidden on the earth.

Get Fit

With a mobile device within reach, getting fit and healthy is easier to do. After all, there are multiple guides, videos, and apps accessible on mobile. Providing everything an individual needs to conjure a feasible way to shed weight and tone up, keep track of progress, and remain accountable on the fitness journey.

Apps mobile users should consider looking include Fitness Buddy, Yazio, and Map My Run.

Taking a look at the BMI calculator online can also help users understand what’s a healthy weight to aim for.

Moreover, those wanting to get fit can take pictures on their mobile of their body’s progress for motivation.

And let’s not forget, mobiles can provide motivating music and optimistic speeches from influential people too. Which can help keep bodies motivated and positive on their journey towards a healthier, sculpted physique. Popular music apps include Deezer, Spotify, and Amazon music.

The above guide reveals a few exciting and interesting ways people can use their phones to enhance their lives.

Such as making money through apps and online. To find alternative ways to get around the neighborhood by downloading new transport apps. Or using their device as a tool to help them get fit and healthy.

It’s common for mobile phone users to take their phone for granted and only use or focus on the functions they use regularly. Hopefully, reading this article has given device owners more insight into a modern mobile’s capacity and a few diverse ways to improve their life with the assistance of their phone too.

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