10 Coolest Valentine’s Day Gifts For Him

valentines day gifts
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Valentine’s day is just over the block! It is high time now to get your beau an unforgettable gift. Whether it is your first Valentine’s day together or even if you have been together for several years, a good gift can help you express your love.

But as you give gifts to each other over and over again, sometimes an out of the box idea for a gift might not click in. So, if you feel you can not actually come up with an idea for the best gift ever, just dive right into this list of 10 best Valentine’s day gifts for him and get something totally amazing!

1. DNA Portrait


Utterly unique and a gift nothing could ever top, a DNA portrait is a highly customized canvas portrait of DNA profiles. DNA11, the world’s original DNA art portraits company is our top recommendation to get the job done.

DNA fingerprinting is a technique that uses only a small amount of cell swabs to create your DNA fingerprint. As you can guess, DNA fingerprints are individual to each human being. Hence, totally personalized and cool!

All you have to do is send a swab of DNA of your boo and maybe even you if you want a joint portrait. As you finish choosing the framing, size, and color of the portrait along with a customized signature, you receive your DNA portrait, which is a gift only you could ever get for him!

2. What I Love About You Album

If you are looking for another very personalized gift for him, you could express all your love through this gift, especially by citing all the things you love about him. An album with all that you love about him can be made from you beginning from scratch, or you can get a readymade album which you just need to fill.

So enunciate how his smile makes you feel, or how you love that he says just the right thing when you are sad and you can even add pictures to put life into the scrapbook. You can list countless things and make how each of those lovable traits make you love him even more.

3. Cocktail Station

If you both love a quality night with booze and a lot of fun, you could get a cocktail maker or a cocktail station to recreate your favorite blend from a bar you tried long ago. A cocktail station can be your go-to area after you both have a long day at work or just want to chill.

Cocktail makers come with countless features, and some even have their own ice maker. So, choose one that your Valentine will be comfortable using or will have more need of, and pick color and functions that will fit at his home. You could start using it from Valentine’s day itself!

4. Smartphone Camera Lenses

camera lense

More like a gift for you than him, as your beau will obviously use it to click countless amazing pictures of you, a smartphone camera lens could be a nod from you for his photography hobby.

So, if your boyfriend loves lugging around camera gear just to get the best pictures, you could give him phone lenses, which are cheap, easily transportable, and give amazing results.

Hence, if there were specific lenses that he wanted for his camera, you could mobile versions of those for his phone and help him achieve marvelous pictures that you both will be proud of!

5. Body Massagers

Your beau’s massages could likely rival the skills of even the most talented masseuse. However, do you always return the favor? Long days at work could make your Valentine feel bone-tired.

Luckily, there is nothing that a good massage can not solve. But, if you are not very agile-handed, just get him, body massagers.

There is basically no end to the types of massagers that you can get him. But to shortlist it to the very basics, just look where he is usually more pained or strained. Thus, you can get him afoot, back, shoulder, head, or other massagers as required.

6. Wireless AirPods Case

There is possibly no end to AirPod cases that you can get for him. From all shapes, colors, and sizes, there is absolutely a great deal of options available. But the one AirPod case that will stand out is a wirelessly charging case because why get into the mess of wires again and again when you can make it simple.

There is a great deal of variety even in the Wireless AirPods cases, and you can even get them customized for your love!

7. Wireless Charger

wireless charger

If your beau is usually rushing, there is a chance that while he hurriedly tried to get his phone off charging, he dragged every other wired device along. So, now that you have a wireless charging case on your list, why not get a wireless charger, too?

So, eliminate the whole ordeal by getting a wireless charger from where he can just grab his phone without making a tumbling mess.

8. Cooking Ware

If your Valentine is planning for you both to have a romantic candlelight dinner (that he cooked) at home, where you sit at the balcony and gaze at the starlit sky, you could thank him for the lovely dinner by getting him cooking ware.

A person who loves cooking can never have enough dishes, utensils, and other cooking ware. In fact, incorporating home-cooked meals into your dinner plans is one way to hint how much he loves cooking for you, so do return the favor with this gift!

9. Hot Sauce Kit

If your fiancé/husband is more into spicy food, another cooking-related gift you could present him is a hot sauce kit.

These kits have a complete combination of your chosen spices, which then he could mix into his preferences and get just that perfect level of spiciness!

10. A Guitar Pick

Thanks to the increasing customization of gifts, you can turn something as small as a guitar pick into a thoughtful valentine’s day gift, just as you would get a necklace with a customized message.

All you need to do is get a guitar pick and get it engraved with a heartfelt message!

Now that you have this amazing list to help, get shopping right away, and happy Valentine’s!

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