vehicle lemon laws in texas

Vehicle Lemon Laws in Texas

The state enacts lemon laws to protect people who purchase new vehicles and have trouble getting major issues repaired. These laws require that manufacturers or dealers repair, replace, or purchase lemons. Here is what you need to know about these laws in Texas.

How Do You Know If Your Car Is A Lemon?

Your car is not automatically a lemon if you find it has a severe defect after purchasing it. However, this defect must be covered under the manufacturer’s warranty. Therefore, you must report the fault to the dealer during the warranty term and allow the dealer an appropriate number of tries to fix the problem.

If it persists, you must alert the manufacturer and allow them to fix it. When the manufacturer and dealer cannot fix the defect, and it causes a significant decrease in the car’s value or makes it a safety hazard, the vehicle is a lemon. At this point, you need to file a complaint and pay the filing fees.

How Many Attempts Do You Give The Dealer To Fix It?

Deciding how many chances you need to give the dealer to fix the problem isn’t hard. But first, you must pass the severe four-times safety hazard or 30-days test.

What’s The Four-Times Test?

This test demands that you take the vehicle to the dealer twice in the first 12,000 miles or year and twice more in the next 12,000 miles or year for the same problem. Then, if the problem persists, you have a lemon.

What’s The Serious Hazard Test?

This test demands that you take the vehicle to the dealer once during your first 12,000 miles or year and one more time during the next 12,000 miles or year for the same serious safety hazard. If they have not repaired the issue, you have a lemon.

What’s The 30-Days Test?

This test demands that you take your vehicle to the dealer twice during the first 12,000 miles or year, and it is in the shop for a cumulative total of at least 30 days in the first 24,000 miles or two years for the same warranty-covered issue. If you fit these requirements, you have a lemon.

How Long Do You Have To Start Your Complaint?

You should file your complaint as soon as possible. However, it must be filed within six months of the expiration of the warranty, 24,000 miles, or two years.

Why Do These Requirements Exist?

Many people feel that these requirements are a hassle and that the dealer or manufacturer should be better about replacing vehicles. However, that is not always practical. Since these products are so expensive, warranty disputes are common. These requirements exist so that there is proof that the vehicle is defective.

What’s Your First Step?

When your dealer cannot seem to fix your vehicle, the first step to enacting the TX lemon law is to send a letter to the manufacturer. Your owner’s manual will have the office address you should send it. Describe the issue and ask that the manufacturer help fix the problem. Be sure to include the date of your next appointment at the dealership.

What’s A Lemon Law Hearing?

The Texas lemon law process allows you to present your case to a judge and prove that your vehicle is a lemon. You can give your testimony and that of witnesses. You can also submit your letters to the manufacturer, repair records, and any other documents you have.

This information will get you started with a basic understanding of the lemon laws in Texas. However, you should ask for qualified help if you are having trouble with this process.

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