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10 Reasons You Should Make Wake Up Sex a Regular Thing

Look, I know that morning sex isn’t for everyone. Some people simply aren’t functional enough to be able to, let’s say, perform in the morning. However, starting the day off with wake up sex means starting it off with a BANG (literally and figuratively).

As you may know, sex has some fantastic benefits for both mental and physical health. Typically, sex is always a great thing. Even when it’s not that good, it’s still good enough to get your heart racing and blood pumping.

There really is no better workout in the morning than sex. Why sweat alone and only have sore muscles to show for it when you can sweat with a partner and come out the other end with a nice orgasm (or a few) under your belt?

Aside from that, here are ten other reasons you should consider wake up sex.

#1. Well, You’re Already There, You Might as Well

Sometimes, relationships are about convenience rather than spontaneity. Sure, everyone would love to have drawn out, romantic lovemaking sessions, but the reality of adult life is that you simply don’t have the time. At least not always.

In the morning, you’re already in bed and half-naked. Therefore, wake up sex really requires minimal effort. I know that it’s not the most romantic reason to start off my list. However, it’s realistic. When life gets busy and you’re swamped with responsibilities and people who demand your attention, it’s hard to make time for your significant other.

With wake up sex, that mission becomes a little bit easier.

#2. Wake Up Sex Strengthens the Intimacy

Aside from being convenient, wake up sex can also be a great way to improve your relationship. Rather than jumping out of bed and doing your own thing, you’re carving out a bit of time (no matter how little) for just your partner and yourself.

Not to mention, when you have sex, your brain produces oxytocin, the love chemical. Thanks to oxytocin, you feel affection and connection with your partner. It’s the chemical responsible for that giddy feeling you get after you spend time with them (you remember that feeling, right?).

When you have wake up sex, you boost the production of oxytocin in the morning, and its effects last throughout the day. In other words, thanks to morning sex, you can feel more connected to your partner, even when you aren’t together.

#3. And Is an Excellent Way to Spice Things Up

If you feel as if your sex life is stuck in a rut, don’t worry — you can easily fix it. Morning sex doesn’t sound like something kinky or wild enough to spice up your sex life. However, you don’t really need bells and whistles in order to make your sex life feel fresh and exciting.

Sometimes, even the tiniest of changes can help like using sex toys or taking a male enhancing supplement like Semenax to make your sex a thrill ride. So, instead of trying (and failing) to have sex in the evening when you’re too exhausted to do much more than lie there, try to instigate sexy times in the morning. If nothing else, it will be a nice change of pace.

#4. It’s a Great Way to Start Your Day

Wake up sex will definitely put some pep in your step. Days that start with an orgasm or two and leave you sated and satisfied can’t really be that bad, right?

Aside from that, an orgasm is a much more powerful wake-up call than an alarm clock and coffee could ever be. While the alarm clock stresses your nervous system, sex relaxes it. It helps your body get ready for the challenges of the day.

As you’re usually more mentally relaxed and well-rested, mornings are one of the best times to have sex. Stress is one of the hindrances to orgasm and libido. So, when both partners are relaxed, it’s the best time to make love.

#5. Wake Up Sex Will Make You Glow (Literally)

People who have regular lives are inherently healthier. Frequent (good) sex that results in orgasms is great for your physical health and appearance. During and after sex, your body naturally releases estrogen, a hormone that affects your skin and hair’s texture and overall appearance. Like men’s testosterone, estrogen also affects a woman’s arousal and sexual desire. High estrogen levels are also responsible for better vaginal lubrication and increase in sexual desire. 

After a good tumble in the sheets, your skin looks healthier, smoother, and it has a natural glow. So, basically, all those things you’re trying to make happen with concealers and highlighters in front of a mirror can be achieved with a good wake up sex session.

#6. It’s a Mood Booster

To say that sex makes you feel better is an understatement. During and after sex, your brain releases a plethora of wonderful hormones and chemicals that make you feel not only relaxed, but also happy and content. The release of dopamine and oxytocin in the morning can help you and your partner feel more focused, relaxed, and cheerful the whole day.

Let’s be honest, is there anything else that could improve your mood as effectively and swiftly as sex? I doubt it.

#7. It Relieves Stress

Because it’s such a mood booster, morning sex also helps relieve stress and anxiety. Surely there are days when you wake up stressed. Simply thinking about what you have to do that day makes you anxious and reluctant to get out of bed, right?

Well, on days like those, morning sex might be a (temporary) solution. The oxytocin I already mentioned is a great counterattack against cortisol, the stress hormone.

#8. And Acts as a Painkiller

Do you know what else those endorphins and happy chemicals are great for? Pain relief. If you’re one of those people who suffer from chronic headaches that don’t go away after a good night’s sleep, try to solve them with wake up sex.

A healthy dose of endorphins and that pleasurable high that follows an orgasm will work a lot better than ibuprofen.

#9. It Develops Your Intimacy

Making love in the morning is also a great way to develop your intimacy and overcome sexual anxiety. This is because, in the morning, when you and your partner are well-rested, you’re in a vulnerable state. You feel the same level of intimacy, which makes you forget about any worries.

#10. It Will Last Longer

When you haven’t had sex in a while, making it last can be a difficult task. That’s especially true for men, who tend to “tip over prematurely” more often than women. Although that isn’t that big of a deal, it can be quite frustrating for women if they haven’t reached their climax.

Morning sex fixes that problem easily! In the morning, men are all geared up to go, and their testosterone levels are so high, they are practically begging for a good sex session. Why waste that, right?

Coupled with the fact that men are also rested and full of energy in the morning, it’s easy to see how morning sex could be more fruitful of an endeavor for women.

A Few Parting Words

The good thing about morning sex is that you can make it as lazy or as energetic as you want. For that lazy sex, you can take it using horizontal positions from cuddling to missionary. Whatever position you do it with, it doesn’t have to be athletic. You can even take this chance to have slower sex with your partner. Keep in mind that partaking in this intimacy is more important than simply just reaching orgasm.

These ten benefits were just some of many that should definitely convince you to make wake up sex part of your morning routine. It might seem weird to do the dirty under the bright rays of sun in the morning, but after you reap all the benefits, you’ll never look back!

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