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11 Festive And Fun Ways To Celebrate Easter

Looking for ways to make your Easter holidays more festive and fun? If yes, then you came to the right place. This article will highlight some of the lively and fun ways to celebrate Easter.

With everything that’s happening all around us, you, like many other people, may have to adjust your usual Easter plans. For example, you may not host a family gathering or visit your old friends and stuff. But that doesn’t mean that Easter should be boring. But still, there are plenty of fun and festive things you can do, as you’ll notice in this article.

1. Hit the road

One of the best ways to celebrate Easter is definitely to hit the road. You can visit the nearest museum or the furthest animal park that you’ve wanted to visit all along. You can also choose to go to an unknown destination. Just make sure to have a full tank, a fully charged phone, and some loose cash.

2. Play local tourist

Many cities in the US and around the world have a few nice spots that are worth exploring. You likely have one such place too. Easter is a great time to visit such places. If you think about it, people travel from different places to come see what your city has to offer.

So, why not take advantage of this short holiday to appreciate the beauty that’s around you. But it might be a good idea to double check whether the place is open and the restrictions that apply before setting out.

3. Pack some picnic lunch

Picnics never seem to go out of fashion. And they are particularly fun when you have friends or family to accompany you. Picnics are great with plenty of snacks, perfect location and some nice activities – like playing cards, bird watching or sky gazing and so on. So park up lots of snacks and juices and pick a perfect spot to spend your evening.

4. Make an Easter basket

If you have family and good friends, you’ll want to surprise them with treats. So, you’ll definitely need a basket to pack all the goodies. If you are a handy person, you can craft an Easter basket to put all the candies and chocolates in. And even if you aren’t so convenient, there are plenty of YouTube videos that can guide you to creating one.

5. Bake some special treats

It’s hard to go wrong with baked treats. If you are good with baking and stuff, this can be an excellent opportunity to showcase your skills to your loved one. You can even make the experience better by having other family members help prepare and decorate treats. From Easter nest cupcakes to bunny-shaped cookies, there’s really no limit to what you can do.

6. Color Easter eggs

Many American and European families paint eggs during Easter. It is sort of a tradition. Egg painting is a fun activity for people of all ages. It also allows for creativity. One can virtually color their eggs the way they deem fit and not go wrong. Just be careful not to paint raw eggs. It’s a good idea to boil the eggs first before coloring.

7. Decorate your home

Decorating your home for Easter might seem like a lot of work. But when you are doing it as a team, you’ll quickly realize that it’s not just work but great family-bonding activity.

Depending on your preference, you can choose to buy these decorations or create them yourself. Easter decorations don’t have to be expensive. Some colorful balloons can work the magic. But you can also cut some colored paper into different Easter-inspired shapes.

8. Call your loved ones

It might not be Easter as usual because of everything that’s happening around us. But that doesn’t mean you cannot connect with your loved ones that are far away. Technology has come a long way, and you can now communicate with ease just as you would in person.

So, Easter is the best opportunity to video-call others in the family who could not be there with you. You can even exchange hugs and kisses, albeit virtually.

9. Play online games

If you love gaming, then you’ll love playing over the Easter holidays. There are all manners of games online – from casinos to racing games and everything in between. For instance, if you love casinos, you can play online slots and even win some money in the process.

Online gaming is fun, and you don’t even need to have another person by your side to enjoy. The only catch is that you have to find a reputable site to play with.

10. Take virtual tours

Many museums and destinations are providing virtual tours for people who love to exploit their offerings online. Easter can be a great time to travel to your favorite city or discover a new destination, even if it’s virtually.

Virtual tours are the next best thing after traveling in –person. And the best part is there are extensive virtual tours. So you’ll always be able to find incredible destinations without having to leave your home.

11. Host an egg hunt

Easter wouldn’t be complete without an egg hunt. So, go right ahead and hide the decorated eggs behind tall grass and trees. You can even hide some under pillows or on shelves. But be sure to note all your hiding spots, so you’ll know when all eggs have been found before digging into your candies and chocolate bunnies.

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