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Easy Ways To Earn Bitcoins

To make money from Bitcoins, investors perform trading, mining, and other activities. However, some other activities can be carried out to earn bitcoins. Most of them are not worth the time that is required to be wasted on them.

However, out of all the possible activities that can help you earn bitcoins at profitedge.org, some that are worthy of your time include Shopping Rewards, Staking, and Interest-Bearing accounts. Let us talk about the most feasible ones and get to know how we can earn Bitcoins with ease.

Shopping Rewards

The effort needed to win Bitcoins in the form of shopping rewards is low, along with the risk associated with it, as it does not require a sum of money to be invested for Bitcoins. You can earn Bitcoins while shopping for the products you need by installing an extension on your web browser. Using this extension while checking out can help you get cash back of up to 30% in the form of bitcoins.

Some of these extensions include Lolli, a US shopping Reward Company. It allows you to win cash back in the form of Bitcoins while purchasing from 1,000+ merchants including Nike, Booking.com, Macy’s, and many others. Coin Corner is a UK-based company that helps customers wins Bitcoin rewards while they shop for products they require.

Accounts that bear interest

If you are already trading in the crypto market and own a certain amount of cryptocurrency, you can keep it in accounts that provide interest. Several companies, including the likes of Nexo, Celsius networks, and Crypto.com Websites that loan Bitcoins also allow their customers to loan Bitcoins to people in need.

If your Bitcoins are just lying around in your wallet, you can deposit them into such an account and receive yearly interest.


The returns of staking are moderate in magnitude, but it subjects the coins that are being staked to high risks. You can lock up a portion of your crypto holdings so that you can participate in transaction validation within the network of that currency. This process is called staking. The higher you stake, the higher your chances of winning a reward gets. Other currencies that allow staking include Cardano, Ethereum, and Tezos.

Micro earning methods

The micro earning methods are the safest, and the most time taking ones out of all the methods of winning Bitcoins that exist. It requires you to carry out small tasks. You are paid in fractions of a coin for the time invested in carrying out these tasks.

Bitcoin faucets are one of these micro-earning methods, which are websites that you can visit from time to time, to earn small amounts of coins every time you visit. However, you can at most make 40 cents an hour by doing this, which renders this method obsolete, as the profits made are not even worth running the computer for such a long time.

Running a Faucet

Although it is hard to make profits while visiting faucets, you can earn a lot if you own one. A crypto faucet gets you to click on an ad or a button, which provides them with money. Owning a faucet requires you to entertain profitable advertisers based on which your income is derived.

Trading cryptocurrency

The fastest and riskiest way of making money off Bitcoin is by trading it in the crypto market. You can make money from Bitcoin by buying it at low prices and selling it at higher prices. Bitcoin trading is not a matter of luck, but that of sheer knowledge regarding the market.

Investors spend a lot of time learning the patterns and dynamics of the crypto market. You can profit the most by trading Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies, but it requires a large number of initial investments, as well as time for you to grow.

There are several ways of earning bitcoins over the internet. Out of all the ones that exist, options like Shopping rewards, interest-bearing accounts, and staking stand out as the most profitable ones around. Trading cryptocurrency might be the best way to make money from Bitcoins during the Bitcoin Era. Choose the one that fits your comfort the most, and earn Bitcoins among other cryptocurrencies to make profits!

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