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6 Ways to Prevent Cavities

Cavities are incredibly common, especially with kids. If you don’t take care of them, they can unfortunately lead to rotten teeth. Below are all the ways you can prevent cavities.

How Do Teeth Go Rotten?

Bacteria are in your mouth. They latch onto food particles and create acid. Over time, the acid would break down the enamel, which would cause cavities. The bacteria can gradually break down all the layers of a tooth, leading to decay.

Cavities are treated with fillings. But if your tooth is too far gone, you’ll have to get it removed. Dental implants exist. When you do some research, you can find out what is involved in the procedure of dental implants. You’ll know that it would take at least 10 weeks after a tooth has been removed to get an implant. The insert would look and feel like the real deal.

1. Brush Your Teeth Better

The molars are the most susceptible to decay; they have more grooves, so they would trap more food. You’d have to brush the molars especially hard – don’t treat them like you would with your front rows.

Do you have braces? Cavities would be a bigger risk for you, as the brackets could trap food. Along with flossing, a water-pick would be needed.

2. Avoid Certain Foods

Just like some teeth are more prone to forming cavities, some foods are better at causing cavities than others.

These foods would cling to your teeth; they’d let quite a bit of bacteria to grow. Some foods are super sugary too. There would be more fuel for the bacteria.

Foods that are the worst would be sodas, milk, ice cream and candy.

3. Snack Less

You’ll increase the chances of food latching on by snacking a lot. This also includes regularly sipping on sugary drinks.

4. Worn Fillings

If you’ve suffered from a cavity before, you would’ve gotten a dentist to fill it up. Unfortunately, fillings getting worn away are real possibilities. Bacteria would creep in and wreak havoc.

This is one of the most common ways teeth go rotten, as you have a filling, so you wouldn’t expect a cavity to reform. Find a good dentist. Barrie family dentists from Barriesmilecentre.com would be able to help.

5. Age

Cavities are more common in young people due to the amount of sugar they consume. This doesn’t mean that an older person is not vulnerable to teeth rotting away, though. Due to their age, gums receding and teeth wearing down would take place.

As the elderly are likely on medications, there is a chance that they’ve taken a drug that reduces their saliva production. The lesser the amount of saliva in their mouth, the more food that would be stuck in their mouth.

6. Reduced Saliva

Medications aren’t the only things that reduce saliva levels. Anxiety and depression are known to do it too. Sadly, chemotherapy is notorious for doing it as well.

All in all, if you’re afraid of cavities, everything discussed here would help.

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