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8 Benefits Of Wearing Medical Scrubs

Perhaps the first time you’ve seen medical scrubs worn was when you visited a hospital or clinic. That’s because medical scrubs are often worn by medical and healthcare professionals. Medical scrubs are mandatory and essential for everyone who works in the healthcare industry. Regardless if you love or hate wearing them, if you’re working for the industry, you’re required to wear scrubs for yourself.

So why are nurses and healthcare workers required to wear medical scrubs at work? Is it for uniformity purposes and easier identification? While these are some of the benefits of wearing this garment, there are far more profound reasons why medical scrubs are needed. This type of uniform comes with numerous benefits for people working in hospitals or clinics. Medical scrubs are also known to improve the worker’s job performance and working environment.

To help you further understand the importance of medical scrubs, here are eight benefits of wearing medical scrubs to work:

1. Protection From Harmful Contaminants

When you work in the healthcare industry, you handle numerous contaminants every single day. With your medical scrub, it’ll be easier for you to identify contaminants and unavoidable bodily waste. Some of the most common contaminants found on scrubs include blood, urine, stool, vomit, saliva, other bodily fluids, germs or fungus, and other hazardous chemicals used in the hospital.

There are different types of scrubs available, which vary in color, design, and materials used. You can check this site out for more information about the different scrubs available for use. However, the type of scrub you’ll be using will depend on your workplace requirements. Some facilities, especially the massive and high-standard hospitals, often require their workers to wear scrubs with solid colors of white or blue.

On the other hand, there are some facilities or smaller health clinics that are less particular with the required worker scrubs, allowing them to wear fashionable scrubs in vibrant colors and patterns.

Whether you’re wearing solid-colored scrubs or a fashionable and printed one, both have the same qualities and purpose: to prevent those contaminants from making direct contact with the worker’s skin.

2. Protection Against Cross Contamination

Cross contamination within healthcare facilities is a very common concern and must be avoided. Suppose healthcare workers opt to wear ordinary clothes during their working hours. In that case, contaminants can easily stick to these clothes and quickly spread the viruses or infections to anyone they come in contact with.

Thankfully, scrubs are manufactured in specialized facilities to prevent any possibility of cross contamination. Scrubs are then cleaned thoroughly to ensure no trace of contaminants remains.wearing medical scrubs

3. Easy To Clean

As mentioned, medical scrubs need to be thoroughly cleaned to make sure all contaminants are completely and carefully removed. The good thing about medical scrubs is that they’re a lot easier to clean compared to ordinary clothing.

Most often, healthcare facilities have their own laundries that focus on cleaning scrubs using special hardcore cleaning chemicals. These chemicals are way harsher than the ordinary detergents you see in the stores. Using the same chemicals in your regular clothes can permanently damage them. That’s why it’s solely used for washing scrubs.

The laundries also use high temperatures to ensure all scrubs are sterilized well. Overall, you can guarantee that scrubs are easier to clean and safer to wear.

4. More Sanitary Than Regular Clothing

Due to the fact that medical scrubs are washed and cleaned in a separate laundry facility, you can guarantee that scrubs are way cleaner and more hygienic than wearing your personal clothing at work. That’s because people who are in charge of cleaning medical scrubs need to follow strict hygiene protocols to ensure all scrubs are sterilized and disinfected before use.

Moreover, medical scrubs should never be worn again the next day if it hasn’t undergone extensive cleaning. This only makes it more difficult for contaminants to spread to other people and within the working environment. This reduces the chance of healthcare workers and patients spreading germs from one person to another.

5. Functional Design

Healthcare workers like nurses and caregivers are constantly on the move while carrying around their stethoscopes, pens, scissors, wipes, pens, masks, and more. With the number of things they need to bring and only two hands, medical workers need to rely on extra help from their pockets for additional space.

Fortunately, medical scrubs were specifically designed for this function too. Some scrubs have large pockets wherein you can place all medical equipment and accessories you’ll need for your tasks while you move around from one patient to another.

6. Allows Wide Range Of Movement And Comfort

Everyone knows how working in the healthcare industry isn’t an easy job. In fact, that’s one of the reasons why many nurses take a DNP (Doctor Of Nursing Practice), so that they’ll have a wider skill set to help them achieve multiple tasks easily. You move around during the entire work shift, lift patients from one room to another, carry multiple pieces of medical equipment with you, and sometimes doctors may also expect you to stand with them for long hours.

To perform their complicated jobs efficiently, they need to wear uniforms that’ll give them sufficient room for big and small movements and ensure utmost comfort. That’s why medical scrubs are the perfect uniform for medical workers.

7. Easier Identification

Like every other company uniform, healthcare professionals are also expected to wear their medical scrubs during their working hours at all times for easier identification. Imagine if you’re a nurse in a hospital and you wear regular clothes at work. Patients and customers will have a hard time recognizing you as one of the staff and might mistake you for another patient.

Some facilities also require their workers to wear scrubs based on their job position and rank. These scrubs will often vary in color or the clinic logo printed on the uniform.

8. Inexpensive Alternative

Medical scrubs are made from high-quality fabric that’s invented to withstand harsh and strong cleaning processes as much as possible. Thus, you can guarantee that these scrubs can last for a few years of solid wash and wear. Moreover, scrubs are very cost-effective, making it easier for some medical workers to simply dispose of and replace one if needed without spending too much money.

The Bottom Line

Now you know why the healthcare industry requires all its employees to wear medical scrubs. After all, these scrubs are the most functional and beneficial uniform for medical workers.

Additionally, since most healthcare workers are aware of the advantages of wearing medical scrubs, they’ll be more than happy to wear them regardless if they are or aren’t required to. If you’re a healthcare worker, don’t hesitate to get yourself your preferred medical scrub and reap the benefits enumerated above.

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