Decoded: What Does It Mean When You Dream about Someone

what does it mean when you dream about someone
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We often dream about a person we love, someone we have a crush on, a person we dislike or about a situation where two or more familiar people are present.

People generally dream about others they know. Some dreams can be about stranger. It is not uncommon to dream about someone dying or a dear one who is already deceased.

Some dreams are not precisely about any one person but a situation. The situation can be pleasant or unpleasant. Let us interpret some common dreams we have about others.

Decoding a Dream about Someone

When you dream about someone, it has more to do with you than that person. It is tempting to think that the person I dream about has some kind of mysterious connection and might be thinking about me or in an unexplained way is trying to communicate with me.

This is completely unsubstantiated. It is like believing a twitch in the eye is indicative of someone thinking about me. Any dream we have is more about us, our mind and our life than anybody else.

Every time you dream about someone does not have the same implication and so the interpretation should not be in the same vein.

However, many dreams do have meaning and interpreting them can provide fascinating insights into our own mind, what we feel and what we want.

Let us consider a few common instances to understand what such dreams might mean.

Dreaming about a Family Member

I have dreamt about family members, friends and relatives. I have also dreamt about colleagues. Most dreams involving family members and relatives have been about past events, but in some cases were about situations that have never actually happened.

The people I have known behaved like their real selves. Such dreams have been mostly about shared experiences, nostalgia and fondness. Rarely have I dreamt of a situation wherein my family and relatives are in trouble or I have been in conflict with them.

Many people have dreams of unpleasant situations involving their family, relatives and friends. These types of dreams may reflect hidden fears.

If you are afraid of losing someone or presume that a dear one is about to get into some trouble, then you may have a dream, often nightmare, about them in that situation.

It is not unusual for people to dream about losing their parents, siblings or other loved ones. This reflects our natural fear of loss or bereavement.

Dreaming about Friends

Dreaming about friends may be pleasant or unpleasant. You may dream about ‘good old times’ or recent experiences that you shared together. You may have a bad dream where you get into a fight or argument with a friend and eventually part ways.

I have dreamt about friends I have lost along the way. At times, I have thought about a friend just before sleeping and had my dream pick up right from where my conscious thoughts of them ended.

So I try to make an effort to focus on positive memories and experiences before going to bed because I know that it carries over into my dreams.

Dreaming about Someone who is Dying or is Dead

Dreaming about someone who is not alive may reflect unresolved issues or just the fact that you really miss them.

Dreams can be about immense sadness and pain, just as they can be about joy and adventure. You may have a dream where you try to address an unresolved issue you could never quite approach in your waking life, but are able to find a resolution for in your dream.

This is the subconscious mind trying to solve problems that you might be too afraid to approach when you’re awake –  or perhaps you’re just stuck and can’t find the solution.

Dreaming about someone drowning or falling is also common, especially involving people you’re already worried about losing. This may be due to a fear of drowning or falling, which are very common phobias among us.

Such dreams are not really premonitions. Even if a dream is vivid and you remember it lucidly, there is zero evidence to suggest that such thoughts or images have any connection to reality.

Dreaming about someone dying or one who is already dead should be interpreted similarly – it’s just a dream and you shouldn’t carry that fear over into your everyday life.

Dreaming about Someone you Dislike or Don’t Know

I have dreamt about a few people whom I didn’t like – at all. Such dreams are usually defense or coping mechanisms of the subconscious mind.

There are times in our lives when we dislike people but are unable to do anything about it. We endure and there is a gradual buildup of unpleasant experiences or interactions. It is not unnatural to have some resentment.

Since we are unable to do anything in the real world, we might address the issues in our dreams. We don’t do this consciously. Our subconscious mind tries to free us from the burden of carrying that baggage further.

You may also dream about someone you don’t know or have never met. It is normal for people to dream about celebrities they admire. Our idols or role models may show up in our dreams.

I have had dreams of meeting my favorite actors and sportspersons. I have also had dreams of an ideal partner. Such dreams can be quite vague. The setting and context may be unclear.

A stranger showing up may not have any name. Their face and exact appearance or presence may be blurry. Other attributes may also be quite ambiguous but the emotional experience I have feels very real.

Dreams can be more about emotions and sensations than actual visual imagery. Dreaming may also have more to do with your thoughts than what reality actually is.

Dreaming about Someone you Love/Loved

Romantic and sexual dreams are a completely different matter. These are mostly about desires, the ones we do not acknowledge or are unaware of.

Most people in the world are not completely expressive about their romantic and sexual desires. We withhold a lot, perhaps due to societal correctness or what others expect from us.

You may have a memory of unrequited love in the past. You may like someone right now but are unable to express it. You might be drawn to someone but you may not be aware of it. These people will often show up in your dreams.

We often dream about a person who may not be that close to us but for some reason the thoughts and images can be of romantic or sexual nature. It is not unnatural for the subconscious mind to be aware of a crush that we do not realize consciously.

Dreaming of a kiss with someone is very common. It is more frequent among those who are strongly drawn to a person but have not been able to transform their feelings into an actual bond. The same interpretation applies to dreaming about sex.

Interpreting Common Dreams about Someone

You’re constantly dreaming about a specific someone? Don’t worry, it’s normal. Kind of.

Most people have different dreams every night. If you remember more than one dream after waking up, then they’re often because they’re related.

But if there is one person common in those dreams or what you experience over several nights, then there has to be a reason. The general explanation is that you are thinking about that person all the time.

This may not be true for everyone. We do not always long for a person or miss someone consciously. We do miss people subconsciously as well. Our subconscious self may be dependent on someone and this could be emotional, physical or financial.

Such subconscious thoughts can manifest into dreams – especially if they’re repressed.

Some dreams feel more real than others. If you dream about kissing someone, it may feel real and you may even be aroused. Dreaming about someone drowning can also feel real and you may actually experience the pain and suffering, often waking up sweating in the night.

Another common dream is images or thoughts of someone having a baby. This is usually a positive dream but it can stem from negative feelings. Those who are trying for a baby but are unable to conceive, and those with friends who have already had babies may are more likely to have these dreams.

Dreaming about someone and fighting with that person is also very common. This is the subconscious mind manifesting in the form of images and thoughts what you are unable to do in real life. It’s best not to read too much into this and simply moving on is the best approach.

Stressing about the dream is more likely to result in you dreaming something similar again, simply because it’s been on your mind during the day. Just relax and let it go – it was just a dream after all.

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