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When Should You Replace Your Mattress?

Have you been having trouble getting a good night’s sleep? Your mattress could be the culprit. Many people don’t realize that your mattress doesn’t last as long as the bed itself. Especially if you have heirloom-quality furniture, you will definitely go through many generations of mattresses during the furniture’s lifetime.

The truth is that mattresses have a definite life span of usefulness, and you shouldn’t push them beyond their limits. You risk injury when you sleep on a mattress that is broken down, particularly broken coil mattresses. Mattresses also deteriorate over time naturally just like any other product made from natural fibers.

Unfortunately, there is no one standard for how often you should replace your mattress. It really depends on a lot of factors, including what the mattress is made out of, how it is manufactured, and the quality of the materials used to create it. Any mattress you buy should come with a recommendation of how frequently you need to replace it.

Most mattresses of the quality found in most homes need to be replaced about every 8 years. However, some higher-quality gel coil hybrid mattresses and other high-tech options can last up to 10 or 12 years. The mattress brand should have this information readily available, and it should be with your new mattress when it arrives as well.

However, if you have a very cheap mattress, or just a rough sleeper or a kid that bounces, you will probably have to replace it much sooner. 1SB offers affordable quality mattresses to replace yours when it starts showing these signs:

Signs your foam mattress needs to be replaced

Contrary to popular belief, not all beds made of foam have memory foam. Memory foam is just one type of foam used to make beds. Additionally, not all foam is made equally. The fact of the matter is that cheap memory foam mattresses might last as little as a year, so it can pay to spend a bit more now to save more later.

With affordable options and free delivery, there really isn’t any need to put off replacing it. As soon as your memory foam starts to dent and not come back to its former shape, it’s time to replace it.

Defects will also be easy to spot in many other foam mattresses. Mattresses that are a hybrid of foam and innerspring will last longer, but when the foam starts deteriorating you have to worry about the springs inside poking through. Regardless of the type of foam bed you have, you should replace the mattress as soon as the foam shows signs of misshapen.

Signs your innerspring mattress needs to be replaced

While you can still get cheap innerspring mattresses, you should really replace the ones already in your home with foam or hybrid options. Traditional coil mattresses can pose a hazard when they break, especially when there is no additional foam or material to protect you once the spring breaks. Replacing your inner coil mattress with a safer, more comfortable hybrid mattress is your best bet.

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