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Where Can I Use My Cryptocurrency

Trading cryptocurrency is an interesting process, and it involves the buying and selling of currencies through an exchange platform. However, as cryptocurrency does not have physical evidence, spending it becomes even more complicated.

However, the spending of cryptocurrency is becoming easier by using https://altcoinsidekick.com/, as it is incorporated into the infrastructure, and more companies and businesses have started taking payments in the form of cryptocurrencies.

We shall talk about different ways of spending cryptocurrencies without selling them. There are several methods of doing so, including paying several bills to companies that allow payments through cryptocurrency. You can also transfer your cryptocurrency to your MasterCard and use it as a credit card. Let us talk about some of these methods in detail.

Cryptocurrency Debit Cards

To spend your cryptocurrency, you can link it with a debit card, which can then allow you to spend it in ways similar to spending cash. Several major debit card companies, including the likes of Visa and MasterCard, are issuing such credit cards, which imply that it will work wherever Visa is expected.

Most of these cards utilize Bitcoin, as it is the most valuable and trusted cryptocurrency in the market. However, other cryptocurrencies have started to catch up as well. Examples of some debit cards that allow you to do this with cryptocurrencies, mainly Bitcoin include Shiftcard, CoinsBank, Xapo, Uquid, and Spectrocoin, among others.

Altcoin Debit and Credit Cards

The debit cards mentioned above mostly accept Bitcoins. However, some companies accept altcoins, such as Uquid, Tenx, and Polybius. They accept a large number of cryptocurrencies.

However, most of them accept Ethereum. One can use these debit cards to make purchases in places that accept these brands. Other than these debit cards, many places have started accepting cryptocurrencies, mainly Bitcoin.

How You Can Spend Your Cryptocurrency Directly

In addition to spending cryptocurrency with the help of dedicated debit cards, you can also spend it with the help of third-party processing apps like Cryptopay and Bitpay. Several retailers accept crypto payments through these apps, and some of them are named below:

1. Streitwise

With the help of Streitwise, you can use the Etherium (ETH) or Bitcoin (BTC) you own to make purchases in Real Estate. Primetrust, the escrow agent used by Streitwise helps facilitate the transaction between the customers and the sellers.

2. Overstock

Overstock is regarded as an early adopter of this trend and is one of the oldest companies to start accepting payments in the form of cryptocurrency. Coinbase processes the payments for Overstock, which allows you to pay from your crypto wallet during checkout.

3. Microsoft

Microsoft has made it possible for customers to stock their Microsoft account with Bitcoins. However, there is a catch to this. One can only use the stocked Bitcoins in the Windows and Xbox stores. Making payments through the Microsoft Online store with the help of cryptocurrency is not yet supported.

4. Save the children

You can also use your cryptocurrency for the welfare of society. Bitpay allows you to donate your bitcoins to an organization, Save the Children, which intends to provide kids around the world with necessities. Bitcoin can also be donated to several other causes and Non Governmental Organisations.

Crypto-Friendly Payment Processors

Shopify is a processing system popular among small and local businesses, which allows customers to pay with bitcoins on their website. Square is also releasing a marketplace based on Bitcoins, which allows customers to pay through bitcoins. Another payment processor, Stripe allows you to integrate a form for bitcoin payments into the websites they serve.

Thus, the major integration of cryptocurrency in the conventional infrastructure has allowed investors to use cryptocurrency for purposes other than training.

As days pass, and new developments are made in the Bitcoin Era, the chances of cryptocurrency being adopted by different industries have become more physical. Dedicated debit cards, crypto-friendly payment processors, and third-party softwares make it possible for customers to pay to businesses through crypto trading.

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