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Who Knows the Bride Best” Questions! A Fun and Engaging List

If you’re planning any kind of bridal-related event, you may be looking for ways to make it as fun as possible. After all, sometimes the bachelorette party and other gatherings are considered to be more memorable than the wedding! And what better way to start off these events than a game of “Who knows the bride best?”

Our list of “Who knows the bride best?” questions takes care of your most important task, and you can easily set up the rest of the game. Before we get to the questions, let’s go over the rules.

How to Play the “Who Knows the Bride Best” Game


To set up the perfect “Who knows the bride best” game, follow these simple steps:

1. Prepare a List of Questions and an Answer Key

Start by preparing a list of questions for your bridal game — they can be as general, funny, casual, and intimate as you want them to be. If your party has a theme, try to follow the same for your questions.

Pro tip: if your guest list includes older or younger family members, you might want to make sure the list of questions is relatively tame.

Once you’ve got a list of questions, get your answers from the bride-to-be. Prepare an answer key and keep it safe.

2. Print Question Sheets for the Guests

The next step is to make the question sheets for the guests you’ve invited to the party.

3. Distribute the Question Sheets to the Guests

When it’s time to play the game, distribute the sheets to the guests and hand them pens to write down their answers.

4. Play the Game

You can set a time limit for the game for everyone to write down their answers. You can group guests into teams if you want to increase the fun quotient!

5. Reveal the Answers, Announce the Winner

Once the time is up, ask everyone to swap their sheets with those seated near them or other groups. Let the participants grade each other as the bride reads off the answer key. Tally the points and announce the winner.

Pro tip: No trivia game is complete without a prize. Prepare a gift for the winner and inform the guests beforehand to raise their competitive spirit.

120 Who Knows the Bride Best Questions


1. Where did the bride and groom get engaged?
2. What is the bride’s favorite movie?
3. Is the bride an introvert or extrovert?
4. What is the bride’s favorite color?
5. What is the bride’s favorite type of chocolate?
6. What is the healthiest thing the bride does daily?
7. What is one place the bride wants to visit the most but hasn’t yet?
8. What is the bride’s shoe size?
9. How often does the bride order takeout?
10. How and where did the bride and groom meet?
11. What is one scent she loves (perfume or fragrance)?
12. When on vacation, does the bride prefer to sit by the pool or explore?
13. How many wedding dresses did she try on?
14. What has been the funniest moment in her life?
15. What is the bride’s most prized possession?
16. What is the bride’s go-to meal that she likes to cook?
17. In one word, what did the bride think of her first date with the groom?
18. What would the bride’s superpower be if she could choose one?
19. What is her signature drink?
20. Does the bride like breakfast, lunch, or dinner?
21. When was the drunkest she had ever been?
22. Who does she look up to? Who is her biggest role model?
23. Does the bride want to live abroad? Where?
24. Which celebrity (dead or alive) would the bride invite to dinner?
25. What is her exact height?
26. What is her favorite restaurant?
27. Which family member is she closest to?
28. Is the bride a member of the mile-high club?
29. What was the bride’s favorite subject or hobby in school?
30. Where was the couple’s first date?
31. What is her favorite takeout spot?
32. What is her comfort place?
33. Has the bride ever been asked out by someone at work?
34. When did the bride learn to drive?
35. Did the bride-to-be have a favorite go-to fairy tale when she was growing up?
36. What was the last place the bride traveled, and with whom?
37. What is her favorite band/musician?
38. What irritates the bride more than anything?
39. What is the bride’s favorite animal?
40. What’s her pet name for her future spouse?
41. Who was her most embarrassing crush?
42. What does the bride currently do for work?
43. What’s the most adventurous thing the bride has done in her life?
44. What is the bride’s guilty pleasure?
45. If the bride could be any fictional character for one day, who would she choose to be?
46. What are the bride and groom’s pet peeves about each other?
47. What does the bride love most about the groom?
48. Who is messier – her or her future spouse?
49. What was her special childhood nickname?
50. How did the groom propose?
51. Did she get good grades in high school?
52. At what age does the bride want to retire?
53. What is the bride’s party trick?
54. On how many occasions has the bride been a bridesmaid?
55. If the bride’s life was a movie, would it be safe for people to watch it with their families?
56. What is her go-to card game?
57. Does the bride prefer to be rich or famous?
58. How many siblings does the bride have?
59. Which one of her features does the bride think is best?
60. Has the bride ever cried when watching a movie or commercial? If so, which one?
61. Who was her celebrity crush as a teen?
62. What accomplishment is she most proud of?
63. What was the bride’s very first job?
64. Who said “I love you” first?
65. From the bride’s point of view, what is the worst way to be proposed to?
66. Does the bride think she can sing?
67. Will the bride make a better politician or rockstar?
68. What activity does the bride like to do on holidays and weekends?
69. How many children does the bride want?
70. What is the most adventurous fashion choice the bride has ever made?
71. What is the name of the bride’s mother?
72. Does the bride bring shampoo bottles home from the hotel?
73. Would the bride prefer to be an actor or a singer?
74. What emoji does the bride use the most in her text messages?
75. What’s the bride’s worst habit?
76. What is the bride’s zodiac sign?
77. How many languages does the bride speak?
78. What chore does the bride like the least?
79. Does the bride prefer kissing in the rain or the dark?
80. Has the bride ever been fired from a job?
81. When and how did the bride realize that her partner was “the one?”
82. What three items would the bride-to-be take on a desert island?
83. How long has the couple been together?
84. What would the bride choose if she could have any animal as a pet?
85. What’s her go-to dance move?
86. Who and when was the bride’s first kiss?
87. What is the bride’s hidden talent?
88. What magazine cover would the bride like to be on?
89. What does the groom think is the bride’s best feature?
90. Does the bride prefer to text or call?
91. What was the bride’s first pet’s name?
92. Has the bride-to-be ever gotten into trouble with the law? If so, what for?
93. What’s the silliest thing that makes the bride-to-be laugh uncontrollably?
94. When is their anniversary?
95. What has the bride always wanted to name one of her future kids?
96. How long has the bride been in her current job?
97. What is the craziest thing the bride has ever done when in love?
98. What is her go-to karaoke song?
99. How does the bride like her eggs?
100. Where are they going on their honeymoon?
101. What’s her favorite curse word?
102. What is the bride’s go-to hangover food?
103. Which college or university did the bride go to?
104. If she could only binge-watch one TV show for the rest of her life, what would it be?
105. What is the bride-to-be looking forward to the most about her married life?
106. Is career or family more important to her?
107. How did the bride celebrate her last birthday?
108. What is the bride’s dream job?
109. What’s the most hilarious mishap the bride has dealt with while planning the wedding?
110. Where was the bride born?
111. Where will she and her new husband live?
112. Who is the better cook, the bride and the groom?
113. Does the bride prefer going for a city trip or a beach holiday?
114. If the bride could get a celebrity to perform at her wedding, who would she choose?
115. If the bride had $1,000 to spend on any item, what would it be?
116. For what question is the bride most likely to call her mom?
117. Would the bride prefer to honeymoon in Barcelona or Paris?
118. What is the clumsiest thing the bride-to-be has done in her life?
119. What are the three items that the bride-to-be never leaves the house without?
120. Is the bride or groom more likely to be late for their own wedding?

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