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4 Reasons Why You Cannot Get Asleep and Ways to Solve These Problems

The quality of your sleep affects your performance. If you are still pecking your nose before noon or can’t work or even play at the real money casino online without a dose of caffeine, it’s likely that you don’t get enough or poor quality sleep.

Fortunately, the cause of poor sleep is most often not diseases, but too much intellectual and emotional stress. Because of them, it is difficult to enter the relaxation phase. Let’s look at the most common sleep problems for workaholics, and ways to overcome them.

“I Have Trouble Falling Asleep in the Evening, and I Can’t Wake up in the Morning”

This has several causes, including unrelenting emotions and thoughts, “inefficient” sleep, which is not enough to rest.

In such a case, train your body to produce melatonin. To do this, start preparing for sleep at the same time every day. Do some kind of routine that will slow down your thoughts, body and feelings before bedtime.

Stop work at least 30 minutes before you go to bed. In this time frame, don’t look at blue light screens.

Stop the flow of thoughts before going to bed. To do this, write down your plans for tomorrow and controversial issues in a notebook. Stretching, yoga, or taking a walk before bedtime also helps you switch to your body.

Create a physical environment for quality sleep: to make sure your bed is comfortable, you can choose one of those adjustable beds or buy a comfortable memory foam mattress for back pain; in addition, it’s also important to have enough darkness and silence.

“I Wake up at Night or in the Morning and Can’t Fall Asleep”

This can be caused by raging thoughts, fears and stress.

Your job is to teach your body to deal with stress before nightfall. To do this, eat right and try to be physically tired. “Fragmented” sleep (this is when a person wakes up several times during the night) carries the risk of blood clots in the blood vessels. You shouldn’t joke about it.

Plan your day so that things begin and end at a predetermined time. Do not steal time from sleep.

Write down everything that bothers you before you go to bed. Learn to put your thoughts on paper.

Create a separate comfortable area for a good night’s rest, and choose your sleeping clothes with attention. Have a set of rituals that will soothe you and put you in a restful mood.

“It’s a Shame to Waste Time Sleeping: 6 Hours Is Enough, I’ll Sleep It off in My Old Age”

The reason is obvious: you want to have time for everything.

Try to dedicate up to 8 hours a day to sleep so that your body can fully recover. There are people who are hormonal, and 4-5 hours of sleep is enough for them. But most of us still need to spend about 8 hours in bed. A full and good quality sleep will give you more energy, and your work efficiency will increase noticeably.

The other extreme is not to sleep too much, either. A 2018 study found that people who sleep 9 to 10 hours a night increase their risk of cardiovascular disease or death by 17%. And people who spend more than 10 hours in bed increase their risk by 41%.

“Sleep and Work Patterns Are Constantly Disrupted, and Sometimes I May Not Sleep at All for 24 Hours”

This happens because of external factors and inattention to your sleep.

Try to convince yourself that sleep is not a useless body whim but a vital necessity. Scientists have proven that even one sleepless night increases the amount of tau protein associated with Alzheimer’s disease.

Don’t drink coffee at least in the afternoon, or better yet, give it up altogether. Alas, this flavorful beverage can rob you of a healthy and restful night’s sleep.

Apps for Sleep Tracking

Download these apps to improve your sleeping faster. They’ll help you solve your problems:

• Doze. Fairy tales and European legends, such as the original version of “Sleeping Beauty” and “Cinderella,” read for 20-30 minutes.

• SleepTown. The creators of the Forest app, where you have to stay focused to grow trees, have come up with an analogue for sleep – fall asleep on time and build a town.

• Rise. The app counts “sleep debt” and charts peaks and pits of energy throughout the day. Now it’s easier to see why you’re getting active by 11 p.m.

• SoSleep. A relaxing ASMR with exotic sounds. You can mix the whoosh of an owl, the croak of a frog, and the hum of a fridge into the same mix.

For some people, healthy habits, apps, and practices may not be enough. If you cannot improve the quality of sleep in any way, it is worth seeing a psychologist or, in some cases, an endocrinologist. The doctor will help you find the causes of unquenchable thoughts and emotions that you can no longer control.

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