why don't my eyelashes stay curled

Why Don’t My Eyelashes Stay Curled? Causes and Prevention

Anyone born with thick eyelashes might feel like God’s favorite. On the other hand, those who are less fortunate might struggle to keep their lashes bushy and curled. Eyelash-curling techniques serve as one of the final touches to any make-up routine, highlighting the unique beauty of the windows to our soul.

If you often find yourself wondering: “Why don’t my eyelashes stay curled?”, get ready to uncover the most probable causes below. Also, with many resources online like Paris Lash Academy, you can learn how to keep your lashes curly longer by testing some eyelash-curling hacks. Odds are, you’ll feel like you’ve put on the most natural-looking extensions.

Why Don’t My Eyelashes Stay Curled? 7 Reasons


1. Your Lashes Are Naturally Straight

One of the reasons your eyelashes stay curled shorter might be your genetics. Even if you won the long lash jackpot, your eyelashes might still be disobedient. The thing about these hairs is that they aren’t just for show. Instead, eyelashes serve an important biological function and protect your eyes from harmful irritants.

Thus, your straight lashes might be doing an even better job than you’ve given them credit for. Unfortunately, their natural lushness could also be preventing them from staying curled as long as you want them to. But the good news is — your lashes might get curlier with age. The only way to know for sure if this limited research is right is to wait and see.

2. You Aren’t Using a High-Quality Curler

Curling your eyelashes to stay lifted all day long requires the best possible tools. If you own nothing but low-budget products, chances are they aren’t giving you the best results. Also, your curler might be a smooth-finish model rather than a matte-finish one. If so, it probably doesn’t provide you with such a fine grip.

Owning a slippery-grip curler might be making your job way harder than it should be. For example, it can cause your fingers to slip and pull out the lashes accidentally caught between the top and bottom curler section. If this happens a lot, you might feel nervous anytime you come near your eyelash curler. Consequently, it won’t bring you the best possible results your lashes deserve.

3. There’s Something Wrong With Your Eyelash-Curling Technique

If your lashes don’t stay curled all day, your poor eyelash-curling technique might be the one to blame. At first glance, your eyelash curler may seem like a simple device. All you need to do is press it by the root of your lashes, right? Well, if you want to achieve longer-lasting results, there are a couple of extra steps you’ll need to take.

Pumping your curler only at the root will give you nothing but L-shaped lashes. While this technique can make your eyelashes stay lifted long, after a few hours, they’ll seem broken. To avoid this fake long-lasting effect, pump the curler a couple of times along the lashes until you reach the tip. As a result, you’ll have an even more resilient curl that also looks way prettier.

4. You’re Applying Mascara Before Curling the Lashes


Believe it or not, the fact that your eyelashes aren’t staying curly might have nothing to do with either their genetics or your curler. Instead, you may be making one of the most common mistakes — applying your mascara wrong. As it goes, putting mascara on before curling won’t give you any extra volume. It will only make your lashes sticky and heavy, which is the last thing you want.

Also, if your mascara hasn’t dried or you’re using a heated curler, it can make your lashes stick to this device. If so, you could accidentally pull out your lashes as you move the curler forcefully away from your eyes. What you should do instead is apply mascara after curling your lashes. That way, the mascara will hold them in place and give them an additional lift.

5. The Rubber or Silicone Cushion on Your Curler Is Old

If your lashes don’t stay curled, it may have occurred to you to check the quality of your curler. Although everything could seem fine, the culprit might be your curler’s condition. Experts suggest the cushion on the curler should be changed once every three months. Otherwise, it will wear down and won’t give you the curly lashes you desire.

Also, your mistake might be using a rubber-cushion curler. Typically, rubber cushions tend to break easily and need more frequent changing. Luckily, you can solve this issue by buying a curler with a silicone cushion. It will prove longer-lasting and give you much better results.

6. Your Eyelash Curler Is Dirty

Filthy eyelash curlers are a big no-no if you aim for the best possible effect. If your curler contains dried-up mascara, it will be more difficult to curl your lashes with it. Also, dirty curler cushions can lead to an infection such as a stye or further damage your eyelashes.

Because of that, it’s crucial to clean your curler at least once every two months. You can use a make-up wipe and micellar water to remove crusted mascara from the cushion. Alternatively, you could rinse the curler with warm water or wash it using soap.

7. Your Eyelashes Are Damaged

Are you addicted to using cheap extensions or over-treating your lashes? If so, they may be too worn out to stay curly as long as you want them. Also, remember the L-shaped eyelashes from above? Clamping with your curler too hard in one spot could cause your lashes to break.

As a result, they might become even more disobedient than before. Damaged eyelashes will thus require different kinds of oil treatments to restore their elasticity and stay intact after shaping.

5 Tips for Curled Eyelashes You Can Try


1. Heat Up Your Eyelash Curler

Have you already tried heating your curler with a blow dryer or a hair straightener? If so, it must have felt so revolutionary. The reason is that this technique doesn’t require forceful clamping since the heated cushion already produces brilliant results. More importantly, this method won’t damage your lashes — providing you don’t overheat the curler.

Apart from giving your lashes a flawless lift, the heat will also make them stay curled longer. You can start by holding a blow dryer or a hair straightener close to the cushion for a few seconds. Alternatively, you can try heating the curler using a lamp with an incandescent bulb. Then, press the curler along your lashes a couple of times — without applying too much pressure.

2. Apply Waterproof Mascara

As little as switching to waterproof mascara could be enough to keep your lashes lifted all day. Unlike regular mascara, the waterproof option will serve as glue, keeping your lashes in place. It has a similar effect to a make-up setting spray, ensuring your eyelashes stay intact throughout the day.

As it goes, the formula of waterproof mascaras is somewhat drier than the one used in non-waterproof options. Because of that, it will keep your lashes fixated and lifted longer. And the best thing is, you can also apply your regular mascara after using the waterproof version.

3. Try Out the Spoon Trick

Who knew that the solution to disobedient eyelashes could have been lying in your kitchen all along? Grab a teaspoon and place it over your eyelashes, so that the spoon’s curve faces inward — toward your eye. Then, with a series of jerky movements, move the spoon along your lashes, starting from their root and finishing at their tip. Repeat the same thing over and over, going from one corner of the eye to the next.

This method works best if combined with an eyelash curler — either regular or heated. Thus, you can curl your lashes using a curler first and lift them further with a spoon. Unfortunately, the teaspoon method may seem unsafe as it requires fast and unpredictable movements. You could easily pull your eyelashes if the spoon slips out of your fingers.

4. Use a Heated Eyelash Curler

Another great way to make use of the heat is to switch to an electric eyelash curler. Ditch your traditional eyelash-curling device for this innovative marvel to bring out the very best in your eyes. This make-up tool resembles a mascara brush, which means it involves no clamping.

Once you figure out how to use it, your heated eyelash curler will lead to the most enduring lift you’ve ever seen. It will lock in the curl longer than your traditional curler ever could. Also, you can apply mascara beforehand when using this electric device.

5. Consider a Lash Lifting Treatment

Have you always dreamed of thick yet natural-looking eyelashes? If so, consider scheduling a lash lift appointment. A lash lift is a semi-permanent procedure that will give your lashes a boost and make them appear fuller.

The best thing is, this technique doesn’t use any leave-on chemicals and is completely natural. You can also have the cosmetician dye your lashes a darker color. As a result, they’ll appear even thicker, highlighting the beauty of your eyes even more. Plus, you won’t have to worry about putting on mascara every morning — your lashes will already be perfect.

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