Why Is Family Important? 6 Thought-Provoking Reasons

why is family important
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Family is one of society’s oldest institutions. From the very beginning of human existence, people have grouped themselves and created families that evolved, changed, and endured hardships together. So, why is family important to humans? There are plenty of thought-provoking reasons that can make you rethink everything you thought you knew about families.

When you are a family, you are a family forever, and nothing can change that. Family members always have each other’s backs. Whether you need emotional or physical support, family means unconditional love and a bond that’s almost impossible to break.

If you ever found yourself wondering, Why is family important?, here’s only a handful of reasons to make you think:

6 Major Reasons Why Family Is Important

You’ve probably seen how some people tend to take the family for granted and never stop to think about what family really means. The way I see it, a family is a foundation, a safety net, and a driving force, all in one.

The 6 biggest reasons why family is so important for humans:

1. Foundation for a successful upbringing
2. Education
3. Family as a well-oiled machine
4. Source of love, care, and support
5. Source of security, safety, and protection
6. Pillar of society

Let’s see what they’re all about.

1. Foundation For a Successful Upbringing

When a child is born, it immediately becomes part of a family. That family is, from then on, the child’s most intimate social environment. It’s the place where parents start socializing their children and teaching them about the world.

So, why is family important for children and their upbringing?

When children live in a healthy family, they can enjoy a healthy lifestyle. They receive regular and healthy meals, immediate medical attention when needed, quality time spent outdoors, and good education.

Parents also thrive in such a family. Research done by Harvard Medical School has shown that people who live with children tend to live longer, even after the children grow up and move away from home.

That might be due to parents’ biological need to break all bad habits after a child is born. For example, many parents drastically reduce their drinking, quit smoking, and start eating healthier when a baby arrives. In addition, families with children are typically more active than families without them.

Research has shown that children who come from good families have drastically better chances of succeeding in life than children from broken homes. Family is crucial for a good upbringing. In the same way, a good upbringing is the key to having a healthy body and a healthy mind.

Essentially, the key factor to a child’s entire future is the child’s family and the upbringing that it provides.

2. Education

Why is family important for education?

In a healthy family, education is one of the most important things in a child’s life. More often than not, it comes just after basic human needs. Parents know very well that educating their children is their biggest responsibility, alongside a good upbringing.

Education isn’t just going to school and doing homework, though. Parents start educating their children as soon as they are born. At first, it’s all about walking, talking, potty-training them, and teaching them manners. In fact, a big part of both traditional and nontraditional education rests on the family’s shoulders.

Every day is a learning opportunity, no matter how old the child is. They can learn new things by listening to conversations around the dinner table, for example. In such situations, the family plays a crucial role in a child’s learning experience.

3. Family as a Well-Oiled Machine

It’s never easy for a group of people with different opinions and priorities to function together and get along. That often becomes an even bigger challenge in families.

Working as a well-oiled machine is attributed only to healthy families. That’s why such a quality is the perfect foundation for family members to learn how to work in other communities, relationships, or groups.

And why is family important for the community?

Healthy families make people who can positively contribute to the community. This mostly refers to working well with other people and being an emotionally stable person, capable of making compromises.

A family that functions as a well-oiled machine will always produce socially responsible and mature children who know how life works and what their duty in the community is.

4. Source of Love, Care, and Support

After scientific, biological, and psychological reasons why family is important, the next in line are emotional reasons.

Why is family important from an emotional standpoint?

Humans aren’t made to function without feelings. They’re the sole reason that makes humans, well… human. Feelings of love, care, and support are almost like some physiological requirements to live, something crucial for mental health.

Family is important because it’s a source of unlimited love, support, and care for each other. No matter if it’s the hard times or the time of your life, your family is always there for you.

Everyone feels alone sometimes, and everyone needs support in the darkest moments. Unfortunately, those who don’t have a family are mostly left on their own.

People never feel as safe and free with strangers as they do around family.

Sometimes, that makes people hide problems, actions, or even opinions from everyone but their family members. After all, having a family means having emotional support, but also not having to hide your feelings

5. Source of Security, Safety, and Protection

Nobody can provide the same sense of security that a family can. This feeling of safety and protection is everyone’s goal in life. Family serves as a shelter and refuge from the outside world whenever it becomes overbearing or difficult.

If you have a family by your side, rarely any problem is too big to solve. Life’s hurdles will always be somewhere along the line, but it’s much easier to go through life knowing you have a safety net behind you.

Not only that, but there is also the factor of financial stability and security that a family can provide. A well-functioning family can provide stability for everyone in the household. Additionally, if family members combine resources, the expenses of life are much easier to tackle.

6. Pillar of Society

Family represents a pillar of society, alongside marriage. These two structures can strengthen ties in communities and change society for the better.

Why is family important for society?

Developing strong bonds and good qualities in families means that people will work together in their communities. That will then contribute to the happiness and satisfaction of all members of the community, and that spreads to society as a whole.

There are some things that individuals can’t do by themselves, and that’s usually when families jump to help. On the other hand, some things are bigger than a family, and require the efforts of an entire community. In turn, some things are too big for communities and require the efforts of the entire society.

Interestingly enough, it all comes back to the family. Family members, especially parents, tend to get involved in important matters regarding their community. In addition to that, they are more likely to teach their children that the only way to influence or change their community is by contributing to it.

Family Has the Power to Change the World

Families are of crucial importance to society, especially nowadays, when ordinary people have the power to change the world. Looking back in history, both ancient and more recent, it’s evident that all big events started small.

Everything starts with an individual, and individuals share their thoughts and ideas with their families. That is how small ideas turn into big ones, and big things can start happening. So, remember that family truly is everything, and never again question Why is family important?

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