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Different Types of Badge Holder Clips

The badge reel is one of the essential things for an individual who works in a professional field.

A straightforward tool, it is used to attach identification cards, name tags, and other types of IDs to one’s belt or waistband. Badge reels are typically connected through clips at the top part of the ID cardholder. These holders are usually made out of plastic, metal, or fabric.

Badge holder clips are the most popularly used accessory for badge holders. Badges can be attached to the belt using either a retractable cord or Velcro strips.

When badges are put on these clips, they should be concealed underneath the shirt where they cannot be seen by anyone else. Clips for badges are typically made out of plastic or metal, and they come in different colors.

Here are the standard clips that come with badge holders.

1. Protective Cover

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It is one of the most popular types of clips for badge holders. Instead of using a retractable cord or Velcro, this clip attaches to the protective cover that comes with an ID card.

It allows the use of space-saving, low-profile covers that are usually thin and flexible, unlike thick ones that stick up when clipped onto a belt.

2. Magnetic Clip

A magnetic clip is attached to the entire backside of an ID cardholder, and it is solid. It can securely hold as many as 50-60 pieces of identification cards for work, whether credit cards or access cards.

The magnetic badge holder clips come in different colors: black, silver, and gold.

3. Belt Clip

The belt clip is another type of retractable cord used for badge holders. It attaches to the holder via a metal hook, extending outwards by pulling on its end.

The cord reel works like any other retractable cord—it simply clips onto one’s waistband. It attaches onto the belt clip on the holder’s rear end, and its retractable cord can be adjusted to any length.

4. Key Ring Clip

The keyring clip for a badge holder is a metal hook attached through a hole at one of the ends of a cardholder or ID case. This metal clip has a circular opening with magnetic properties to hold keys.

ID cards can also be attached to the keyring clip at the other end of the cardholder or case and can be easily detached by its user with just one hand. This type of holder is excellent for people who need quick access to their IDs and keys.

5. Swivel Clip

The swivel clip is the most commonly used badge reel for ID cards. It works like a key ring clip; however, it uses a hook to attach to the ID case and has a strong metal spring at its end that swivels around.

The cord does not retract but can be extended outwards by pulling a finger. It can attach to one’s belt, waistband, or pocket, which is highly accessible. The swivel clip is made out of metal and comes in different colors such as black, silver, gold, red, blue, pink, camouflage green, camouflage orange, camo lime green, and many others.

6. Necklace Clip

The neck reel badge clip for a badge holder is a swivel cord extending outwards, which comes with a neck strap. This type of retractable cord attaches to the neck strap and one’s ID case.

It closes around the person’s neck when in use and is visible from behind, adding another point of contact for identification. The necklace clip is available in various designs, such as alligator and lobster claws, and it comes with a black strap that has a width of 1 inch.

Whether made of leather or plastic, badge holders come in many different types and use clips of various designs.

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